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Take advantage of the B2B potential of the interaction with your CRM system

Organizations are constructively in need of exploiting the potential of their digital B2B. Therefore, we at Clever Choice, in collaboration with DynamicWeb, offer a CMS platform that works perfectly with your CRM or Service Management solution.

Dynamicweb CMS is built to deliver powerful customer experience for all devices and through all channels. The system is user friendly and scales to handle all your content including deployment for multiple sites, language, and content editors. CMS is characterized by many “Open Source” solutions and in addition several medium and larger suppliers offering standard system, under normal license conditions. Our projects with DynamicWeb are typically an interaction where a company needs to provide its services digitally (can be membership data, customer data etc.) and where it needs to interact with the field of CRM.

Clever Choice is the leading Danish Supplier of DynamicWeb, and we believe in the flexible solution, that enables a small beginning, with an option for growing as the business develops. 


DynamicWeb offers the following benefits:

  • All-In-One platform (a platform for Content, Ecommerce and Marketing)
  • Built to scale and customize  (based on scalable Microsoft .NET technology)
  • Quick implementation (ready-to-drive and ”best practice” solutions)
  • More online channels (personalize messages for all online channels)
  • Global business (multisites, multiple languages, local currency, and VAT)
  • B2B and B2C (one platform that supports both B2B and B2C)

Ready to try Dynamicweb? 

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