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Structure for your sales activities with the markets most simple CRM system

The CRM field is characterised by a large number of choices for the customer, and it can be difficult to decide what to choose.
CRM is about much more than simply implementing a system if you wish to exploit the potential in areas, but a simple system can help to make the whole project less complex and easier to navigate and get started with.

That’s why we have chosen to partner with webCRM, which is probably the most accessible CRM system on the market, and one that is incredibly simple to quickly get started with and which, at the same time, is able to scale up to meet the demanding needs of the more mature customer.

A CRM system gives companies a clear structure with respect to development and retention of customers, and provides benefits for the individual salesperson, the Sales Manager and the company's management.

Our projects with webCRM range from an individual project where it’s about ”having control over activities directed towards customers” and often to more ”complex" projects where there is a need for integration with websites, finance systems, automated reporting etc.

webCRM challenges the conventional thinking and ”autopilot” approach of many companies and offers the following advantages:


  • Flexible licensing model (based on an ongoing subscription per user per month)

  • Strong delivery model (you can in principle get started the same day)

  • Attractive financial model – simple to change in the system and as the customer you can make most adjustments yourself

  • Major interest from the market, which has enabled webCRM to be elected as a gazelle company by the business newspaper Børsen for 5 years in a row


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