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ComAround Knowledge™ is a KCS-verified solution that supports best practice, and helps you to achieve success with knowledge management.
• Intuitive and documented self-service interface that works.
• Prefabricated knowledge articles cover 30% to 50% of the customer’s needs from day one.
• Knowledge articles translated automatically into any language, which reduces publication time and costs.

 Screen VCR improves understanding of knowledge articles, both visually and in words.
• Dashboard supplied with real-time statistics and searchable history etc.

Problem-free user experience
• ComAround Knowledge™ integration mApp for Cherwell Service Management® makes it possible to close cases faster by collecting, structuring and sharing knowledge.
• The integration provides a problem-free user experience throughout the support workflow.

• Knowledge articles accessible via Cherwell Service Management.

• Integration mApp supports all eight KCS principles.
• Can be hosted in Microsoft Azure.




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