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The service management market contains a large number of suppliers, everything from the smallest and most simple solutions to extensive and very complex solutions.

The market is characterised amongst other things by large and complex solutions that are expensive to purchase and install, which unfortunately means that many companies end up spending a lot of money – often without very much to show for it.

The other part of the market contains a large number of more specialised solutions that may be relevant for less demanding companies, but unfortunately often means they quickly outgrow the solution and ending up with many different individual solutions to cover all their needs.

Cherwell is the challenger that rises to the above and Cherwell is therefore currently used in more than 1,900 companies around the world and more than 20 companies in Denmark.


Cherwell can cover your long-term requirements
A Cherwell project often starts in IT by replacing one or more existing solutions within ITIL-related support. As the project progresses, other service areas are often included, such as facilities, HR and finance, areas in which different service areas are gathered together into a shared self-service portal where they can be automated via workflows, dashboards etc. Cherwell is also simple and easy to upgrade and thus there is no risk of there being a problem.

Cherwell is easy to customise and you can do more yourself
The Cherwell platform is a genuine code-free solution in which, briefly put, it is possible to customise almost everything without coding and you receive guidance via visual help menus and other functions. In short, this gives you a lot of benefits, it’s easy to customise and configure screens for example, so you can quickly and cost-effectively customise the solution to your relevant commercial needs and minimise the need for external help, whilst at the same time retaining knowledge in-house.

Simple and transparent licensing policy that is fair and easy to understand
Cherwell probably has the market’s simplest and easiest to understand licensing model – you receive the whole package for one licence which is exclusively based on the number of simultaneous users. In other words, you only pay for what you actually use and not for potential use. All functions are inclusive, which means it is possible to predict what investment is needed in the long term even if new functions are commissioned.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with us and we will gladly set up a no obligation chat and would also be pleased to arrange demos or anything else that may be useful to give you an insight into the possibilities offered by a Cherwell solution from Clever Choice.


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