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We established Clever Choice to realise the dream of creating the ”perfect” company, where frameworks and restrictions can be set by the customers and ourselves.

In other words – to create a company that is based on good and sound values that counteracts at all costs bureaucracy and the ”that’s how we usually do it” mentality.

This philosophical rewriting of a famous quote was expressed by a good Swedish business connection:

“Look to the stars and you will at least land in the treetops”

This is our humble goal with Clever Choice!

Basic idea and values

Our focus is CRM and service management, where we make our experience available, offer sparring and provide sales and technical assistance to achieve better results.

Clever Choice is based on a foundation of 5 basic values:

  • The customer is always our focus 
  • Results are created by the success of our customers
  • We treat the customer as our equal
  • We take action, and create momentum by doing so
  • High degree of integrity in everything we do



Teddy Schou

Managing Partner

Areas of responsibility within Clever Choice: Sales, Marketing, HR & Finance.

Teddy has over 20 years of experience in sales, consultancy and management from a number of Danish and international companies. Teddy has worked for companies including the AP Møller Group, Devoteam and CA Technologies. Teddy's academic background is a MBA at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and focuses on increased digitalisation as a creator of growth in private and public companies. Teddy is passionate about pragmatic, eye-to-eye solutions with value that everyone involved can perceive.

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Brian Schmidt

Partner and Technology Manager

Areas of responsibility within Clever Choice: Solutions sales, Technological choice of solutions.

Brian has acquired broad knowledge of IT in the course of his 20+ years in the industry, which has seen him work is such fields as operations, service and support, and implementation and architecture. In addition to being self-employed for a number of years, Brian has also worked for Mærsk Data, Devoteam and FDC. Brian is a qualified engineer and is passionate about finding unique solutions, optimising and streamlining business processes and thereby helping with increased digitalisation.

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Kristian Lauritsen

Partner and Product Manager

Areas of responsibility within Clever Choice: Development and implementation of solutions

Kristian has a background in IT development throughout his 15+ years in the industry and has focused on customising standard solutions to unique customer projects. His has experience within management, project management, development and implementation. Kristian has been a Development Manager and has worked for Plass Data, Telia and L.M. Ericsson. Kristian is a qualified electrical engineer and is passionate about creating unique digital customer projects based on standard software.

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John Larsen

Partner and Delivery Manager

Areas of responsibility within Clever Choice: Project delivery, Process best practice, and change management.

John can look back on more than 20 years of experience within the IT industry, during which time he has worked with development, QA, support, operations, project management and strategies, the last 12 years of which as a consultant. His experience covers change management, operational excellence, competence development at IT organisations and optimisation and automation of workflow based on ITIL and SIAM best practice. In addition to being an ITIL expert and accredited ITIL tutor, John is also certified in PRINCE2 and CobIT.

John is passionate about helping customers to convert theory into applicable practice. He therefore attaches a lot of importance to sharing his many years of experience from different types of organisations. This also ensures that all aspects of the project are put under the spotlight and that customers are challenged in relation to customs and a "that’s how we usually do it” mentality.

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Hanne Baade-Pedersen

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Areas of work within Clever Choice: Sales and marketing tasks.
Hanne has experience of sales and marketing from positions in Danish and international companies. Hanne’s focus is on dialogue with our existing and future customers regarding the options we work with. Hanne has previously worked for Philips, Exformatics and at marketing offices in Silicon Valley, USA. Hanne studied at CBS and is a qualified export technician, and is passionate about good customer dialogue and making complex solutions easy to understand.

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Casper Andersen


Areas of work within Clever Choice: implementation of Cherwell Service Management and web development.
Casper has after 2 years at Clever Choice built up a good amount of experience in, IT Service Management. With his experience in web development, Casper is passionate about user-friendly solutions where the focus is on helping users with accessible solutions and where the complexity is less visible to the end user.

Casper has certifications in Cherwell, DynamicWeb and Umbraco.

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Jørgen Hansen

Sales and Support Consultant

Areas of work within Clever Choice: Sales and support tasks.

Jørgen brings to the company many years of experience with the IT industry. Jørgen has broad knowledge of IT gained from his 25+ years in the industry, during which time he has worked with a wide range of customer-oriented functions. His focus will be on consolidating our customer support, and maintaining and expanding our existing customer relationships. Jørgen most recently worked for CA Technologies and is known for treating people around him as his equals.

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